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Employment Verifications

Labour Problems


Frauds, Cheating & Embezzlement

Patent, Trademark & Copyright Infringement

Bank Fraud

Verification of Insurance Claim

Finger Print & Handwriting Verification



Property Investigation

Mobile Investigation

Negotiations / Representations

Bugging / Debugging / Audio Recordings / Video Surveillance

Still Photography Evidences



Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Alimony / Divorce Cases

Missing Persons

Spouse Fidelity


Telephone Harassment

CounterfeitingCall Us:+91 9920400441

Manufacturers of high value goods such as jewelry, luxury leather goods, clothes, perfumes, car parts, Pharmaceuticals, etc. are all at serious risk of fraud from unscrupulous illegal manufacturers making second rate imitations. This both damages the reputation of genuine manufacturers and deprives them of their legitimate revenue.

In collaboration with the management, measures are implemented to determine the culprits, their methods, associates and range of identified and unidentified fraudulent activities. This would be achieved by analysis of employees falling into the target categories, intense research to narrow down the number of possibilities and covert surveillance to identify those concerned.


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